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26July 26, 2018

I-77 Bridge – 500 ton with Superlift

Just south of Cleveland, Maxim was asked to assist on a project which required demolition of structural beams underneath a busy interstate highway overpass. From July 9th to July 13th, I-490 was shut down between 7PM to 6AM each day to demolish the bridges’ old beams and before setting the new beams. Due to I-490 being completely shut down, this […]

26July 26, 2018

Natural Gas Surge Tank Vessel Dual Lift

Maxim Crane salesman Greg Long was requested by Simplified Rail Logistics to unload natural gas surge tank vessel, the lift took place Wednesday, June 29th. Simplified Rail Logistics were in charge of the transportation of a surge tank vessel from Tulsa, OK to Weirton, WV. The vessel was placed on a barge and traveled up the Mississippi River to the […]

26July 26, 2018

4 Interesting Facts About Careers in Crane Operation

Cranes tend to be one of the wonders of the world. When the average person thinks about Cranes and Crane Operation, an abundance of questions come to mind: How were they created? Who makes them? How do they work? and one of the most commonly asked, is a job in crane operation any good?

In this article, we’ve taken a closer […]

5June 5, 2018

Duke East Bend Power Plant

The East Bend station is owned and operated by Duke Energy in Union, KY. Recently, Maxim was asked to help with a large outage with a complete tear out and replacement of the Precipitator along with a boiler outage. On March 12, 2018 the job officially started and is projected to take about 8 months. Maxim has partnered up with […]

21March 21, 2018

Maxim New Headquarters Expansion Ribbon Cutting

It was a beautiful day out at Maxim Crane Works on Thursday, March 15th. The sun was shining and the cranes were flying flags in the wind. Maxim Crane employees anxiously awaited the opening of the brand-new building to call home. Employees were joined by Governor Matt Bevin and other local officials to reveal a $4.71 million office for the […]

15March 15, 2018

Stack Full of Solutions

In the construction industry, heavy lifting comes easily with the crawler crane. As the largest coast-to-coast provider of comprehensive lifting services in the United States, Maxim Crane frequently team up with other companies to find assist in finding the best solution for the job. A few months back, another crane company reached out to one of our employees with a […]

14March 14, 2018

Hand Signals You Need to Know During Crane Operations

Ask any crane operator and they will tell you that one of the main factors for a successful project is coordination.

Working in-sync with your team on the ground is not only crucial for safety but can help your project run smoothly, on schedule and keep the boss happy. With absolute precision and accuracy needed for a job, being able to […]

23February 23, 2018

Maxim/AmQuip Help Eagle’s Soar High in Super Bowl Parade

Hundreds of thousands of Eagles fans poured into Philadelphia Thursday morning, waiting to be part of history, to help celebrate a championship some thought would never come. The low 20’s temperatures did not deter them in taking their viewing spots for the city’s first Super Bowl parade, some arriving before dawn. The parade started by the team’s stadium and ran […]

19January 19, 2018

How to Choose the Right Crane for Your Project

How to Choose the Right Crane for Your Project

Virtually all construction projects require the lifting, hauling or transportation of heavy materials ‘ which is why cranes play a gigantic role in the development of your project.

Deciding which crane is right for your objectives can be an overwhelming task, as the range of options available is limitless! There is an […]

19January 19, 2018

Project Spotlight: Opryland Hotel Water Park

Maxim Crane are setting the truss system that has the ventilation built in for the new inside water park at Opryland Hotel. We have the LTM 1350 (400 Ton AT) operated by Terry White / Tim White and the ATF130 (130 Ton AT) operated by Matt Hetrick / Justin Tobin. They are connecting the two pieces to make up the […]