15March 15, 2017

Maxim Crane Works Continues Expansion to Service Additional Customers

Maxim Crane Acquires Crawler Crane Assets
Maxim Crane Works, LP has continued to expand its customer service focus by expanding into 5 new locations and acquiring the core fleet of crawler cranes from Essex Crane Rental Corp. In addition to acquiring the core fleet of crawler cranes, Maxim Crane Works has acquired additional branch facilities in Alabaster, AL; Kansas City, KS; […]

15March 15, 2017

Moxie Freedom Energy Project

During the fall of 2016, the Maxim team was contracted to perform the centerline heavy rigging scope on the Moxie Freedom Energy project in Northeastern Pennsylvania for Gemma Power Systems. The Freedom project involved the construction of a 1028MW Natural-Gas Fired power plant, which consisted of twin combined-cycle single shaft power blocks. Each power block had gas turbine, […]

15February 15, 2017

Commitment to Safety is Key to a Successful Project

The success of a project requires a highly complex process with a set of detailed tasks that can be very challenging. The more complex and challenging the project is the more value Maxim Crane delivers to the project. Maxim Crane understands the sheer scale of necessary work, and provides innovative solutions and management capabilities that deliver a flawless execution for […]

15February 15, 2017

Maxim Crane Offer 24/7 Turnkey Rental Solutions

The success of any project derives from the operational planning and developing of solutions that meet customers’ demands. In order to attain success, it is essential to understand the sheer scale of necessary work, and continuously provide innovative solutions and management capabilities. Serving customers across the nation, Maxim Crane understands the work and provides 24/7 turnkey rental solutions that achieve […]

15February 15, 2017

Maxim Crane Sets 90,000 Gallon Pressure Vessel

Braskem’s operations prioritize collaborative and close relations with its clients, and strengthening the entire petrochemical chain. Through its commercial offices located in the Americas, Europe and Asia, it serves clients in more than 70 countries. Its growth and international expansion strategy, which is based on innovation, has made Braskem the America’s largest thermoplastic resin producer; the world’s largest biopolymer producer […]

26January 26, 2017

A Look Back at 2016

In 2016, Maxim Crane continued to rise up in the lifting and crane service industry providing the most efficient, quality service with a customer-centric approach.


“Our mission as a company is driven by our customers,” said Frank Bardonaro, COO of Maxim Crane. “It’s an approach that resonates with our customers because they see the benefits of our work in terms of […]